Quill18's Unity 3d & Blender Game Programming Tutorials

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This code is licensed under the MIT License. Basically, do whatever you want with it but don't blame me if it breaks. (Note that this does NOT give you the right to copy, modify, distribute, or re-publish my tutorial videos and/or associated text.)

The license does not require that you credit me, but a mention in this form would certainly be appreciated:
Some portions of this program code are derived from works by Martin "quill18" Glaude (http://quill18.com). Used with permission.
Note: If you are using this as part of a class project, then you definitely want to include the credit line or your school might flag your work as plagiarism.

Unity 3d Tutorials

Brick Game

[Download complete project files]

Simple First-Person Shooter

[Download complete project files]

Sound and Music

[Download complete project files]

Dynamic Sounds (Piano Game)

[Download complete project files]

Destructible Objects

[Download complete project files]

Dynamically creating meshes/models (SimCity-style roads)

[Download complete project files]

A* Pathfinding for RTS/TD Games

[Download complete project files]

AAA_FPS_GOTY: Complete Multiplayer FPS Shooter Game (Ludum Dare 26 - Theme: Minimalism)

[Download partial project files] (Because of reasons, I can't include the complete Unity project as-is, but my personal source code is all included.)

TileMap Tutorial

[Download complete project files - Video 1-9]

[Download complete project files - Video 10-12]

Multiplayer First-Person Shooter Tutorial

Yes, that's right, multiplayer!

Part 1-13 covered:

Added in Part 14-15 (Feb 25th, 2014):

Added in Part 16-17:

Coming soon:

[Download complete project files]

2d Tutorial: ClonyBird

[Play the Game!]

[Download complete project files]

2d Tutorial: Space Shooter

[Play the Game!]

[Download complete project files]